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Designed for Sustainability

We've made conscious decisions to design sustainable packaging that is affordable, and as plastic-free as possible. Many of our packages use no plastic at all. Greener green.

Sustainable Packaging

Child Resistant Americas Ditti Box #1

Safelylock’s Americas Ditti #1 is the newest, most efficient child resistant box on the market! Our America's Ditti Box #1 is completely made and assembled in the US which will lead to shorter shipping times. The inside of this box measures approximately, 4” x 1.5” x 0.72”, it is perfect for a vape cartridge, pens, and pre-rolls! This environmentally friendly box is made entirely from paperboard, with no film lamination included, meaning you can showcase a beautiful package while still supplying your customers with a sustainable option!

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Child Resistant Compostable Pouches

Safelylock’s Child Resistant Compostable Pouches are the newest way to take action for the environment. These unique pouches are both compostable and biodegradable along with a resealable Child Resistant zipper. Made from 100% plastic free plant-based materials with amazing quality and feel, you can be environmentally friendly while still displaying eye-catching and stunning packaging. Fully Recyclable Pouches are also available!

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Child Resistant Stand Up Tin

Safelylock’s Stand Up Tin is a stunning and high-end tin that is Child Resistant while still being an effective packaging option for adults. With this tin being made with quality, FDA approved tinplate, you can be certain that your products are protected and secured while you’re on the go.

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Humidity Pack

Keep your products fresher with custom branded humidity packs. Our humidity packs were developed to outperform the leading competitors in the marketplace. With a shelf life of 2 years and usage period of 2 – 3 months, our packs will keep your cannabis products fresh longer.

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Child Resistant Flip Tin

The SafelyLock Flip Tin is an easy-to-open tin designed to fit easily into your pocket or bag. Keep your gummies, mints and small pre-rolls safe while you’re on-the-go. A TPE gasket keeps air out and locks in freshness.

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Child Resistant Round Tin

The SafelyLock Round Tin is one of the simplest child-resistant packages available. Its simple two-piece construction is extremely easy for adults to open. It’s the perfect size for edibles, flower and salve products. An optional PE foam lining keeps air out and locks in freshness. Decorate this tin with custom colors to promote your brand. The design is true to the Safelylock tradition, Child Safe and Adult Friendly!

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Child Resistant Ultra Tube

The Ultra Tube™ is designed for vape pens, vape cartridges, concentrate syringes and much more. This child-resistant certified package withstands repeated use, all while being east for adults to use, thanks to a compostable plastic button. Printing and color options are unlimited, allowing you to customize your Ultra Tube to your brand.

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Child Resistant Ultra Pre-Roll Tin

The Ultra Pre-Roll Tin™ is designed to keep your pre-rolls safe with a reinforced tin frame and optional water-tight gasket. Add a thermoform tray to keep your joints in place.

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Child Resistant Ultra Mint Tin

The Ultra Mint Tin™ is the perfect child-resistant solution for mints, dog-walkers, edibles and more. This all-tin design allows for printing on the entire exterior, as well as the interior, for that ultra-premium look and feel. Custom printed paper inserts are also available. It’s made child-resistant by our patented Ultra-clip; certified-CR, but easy for adults.

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Child Resistant Sentinel Tin

The Sentinel Tin™ has a secure, yet easy to use locking feature paired with a TPE gasket in the lid to not only keep your product secure, but also provides a tight seal to prolong the freshness of your product, whether it’s flower or edibles.

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Child Resistant Ditti Boxes

Our Ditti Box is the child-resistant box that the cannabis market has been waiting for. This all-paper box is made child-resistant by two compostable plastic buttons. Our patent pending design fits a variety of products with custom inserts.

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Child Resistant Surelock

The Child Resistant Certified Surelock container is designed to be opened and closed with one hand, even for those who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel and other ailments.

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Limitless Possibilities

We can design and manufacture fully custom packaging, making your idea come to life. Contact us today.

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