Child Resistant Round Tin

The SafelyLock Round Tin is one of the simplest child-resistant packages available. Its simple two-piece construction is extremely easy for adults to open. It’s the perfect size for edibles, flower and salve products. An optional PE foam lining keeps air out and locks in freshness. Decorate this tin with custom colors to promote your brand. The design is true to the Safelylock tradition, Child Safe and Adult Friendly!

Perfect For

Fresh Flower, Gummies, Lozenges, Lotions / Creams

Printing Features

Embossing, Interior Printing, Exterior Printing, Colored Container

74mm x 27mm, 79mm x 45mm
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Safelylock Packaging

Always Child-Resistant Certified

Generic Child Resistant Packaging

We also carry a large variety of child-resistant packaging.

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